Why Get Certified?

With the growing recognition of the field of ergonomics and human factors, there has been increased demand for ergonomic services. These services are currently offered by individuals with a wide range of training in ergonomics. Certification, with its requirement to meet a set of standards in training and experience, is important both for ergonomists and for the users of ergonomic services.Becoming certified is evidence of a minimum level of professional competence since a certification program tests the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a job. It is not to be confused with a “certificate program”. A certificate program assesses whether a student has learned specific objectives provided in an educational or training program.Becoming certified will:

  • Protect consumers
    • Users of ergonomics services will be able to identify a professional who has met a predetermined set of professional and educational standards.
  • Protect the field
    • The reputation of ergonomics depends on the professionalism of its practitioners.
  • Enhance credibility
    • An independent verification of competency provides a higher level of professional credibility and improves quality of practice.
    • Become certified by the only internationally recognized ergonomics certifying body in Canada.
  • Provide personal satisfaction
    • Proof of professional competence is gratifying.
  • Improve earning capacity
    • Employers prefer to hire certified professionals: Ergonomists’ salaries are increasing.
  • Improve promotion and job opportunities
    • CCPEs and AEs have better opportunities to be hired and to be promoted.

Individuals who have attained the CCPE have demonstrated that they have met set standards of competency in education and practice. This helps to both protect the Ergonomist and the client. More and more employers are looking for candidates with the CCPE designation and the CCCPE Board works on promoting the designation on an ongoing basis.